Corfu is the only place in Greece that never fell under the Ottoman occupation, but its influences vary from the occupations of the French, the Venetians and the British over the past centuries. It was the cradle of civilization as from Corfu was born the modern architecture, music, theatre and the arts in general.

When talking about music we can’t forget to mention the numerous philharmonic bands which accompany every aspect of the Corfiot everyday life. And of course we can’t forget the colorful costumes of the band. On every festive day, all the streets of Corfu are full of music, colors and all these contribute to the majestic atmosphere of the island.


While in Corfu, you shouldn’t miss the biggest square in the Balkans. Of course we are talking about the Spianada Square. It used to be one square but then it was divided in three different parts. And next to Spianada is Liston, where only the aristocrats had the opportunity to stroll. Now it is a romantic choice to grab a cup of coffee or enjoy a day in the sun.

The trademark of Corfu, Saint Spiridon, who is also the patron of the Island, is a great sample of the Corfiot architecture. And while talking about architecture we can’t miss the museums which are thriving throughout the whole island.

Then of course we should mention the various sea side bars and clubs, which offer signature and classic cocktails, spirits and cold beverages. Don’t miss the chance to take a night stroll around corfu town; you will sure find the perfect place to spend a wonderful summer night that will stay forever in your heart.

And last but not least, let’s talk about the beaches in Corfu! The glorious and famous beaches of Corfu can satisfy all tastes. The waters are always clean, and mesmerizing, luring everyone to dive in and be dragged in an ocean that awakens the senses. But for those who prefer to sunbathe, the beaches offer a wide range of choices. You can find small quiet beaches but also big and noisy ones. Beaches with sand, and beaches with pebbles are here to charm each and every one of you.

Corfu is here, waiting for you.
Don’t miss a chance to visit and fall in love with every single aspect of this island!