Varkarola In Paleokastritsa 

Musicians, dancers, cheerleaders, divers, bands, fireworks, and natural beauty, make a spectacular setting and the outcome each year is really impressive!!!

The Feast 

Usually, around the 10th of August, the right night is chosen and just before the sun falls, Varkarola in Paleokastritsa, the feast that enchants young and elders, begins.

About Varkarola 

Above all, varkarola is a feast. Is a chance for the people to amuse themselves, dance, sing and revive local traditions. Depending on each area, the cause for a varkarola to take place, is different. It may be the celebration of a local anniversary, a religious event, the full summer moon or even the conduct of a thematic varkarola, like the one of Paleokastritsa. Corfiot villages like Kassiopi, Benitses, Peritheia, Petritti, Kalami, Corfu Town and other Greek cities like Kefallonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Agrinio, Preveza and much more, almost every year organize their own special festival. Varkarola of Paleokastritsa is a thematical one and shows in a wonderful way how Homer’s fabled hero Odysseus arrived at Corfu island after his long journey, when struck by Poseidon’s fury, his raft wrecked in Paleokastritsa’s beach. Nausikaa, the King’s daughter, found him and the Corfiots help him get back home. Boats, floating platforms, cheerleaders, dancers, actors, fireworks bring the myth to life, along with Vangelis Papathanasiou’s music.


Only 25 kilometers from the city center lies and the wonderful village of Paleokastritsa. The cold, crystal clear waters, the fascinating caves, the picturesque sea side traditional taverns, create an unforgettable landscape with which many of you will fall in love, but few will be able to forget. A gorgeous combination of natural colors and beauty compose the magnificent landscape of Paleokastritsa. Cyan, green, deep blue, brown, white and golden hues arecombined harmonically and create beautiful beaches, breathtaking rocks, verdant hillsides and of course the famous sea caves that seem to be lightened from the bottom of the sea and are waiting for you to explore them. A plus to this gorgeous beach is the annual event of Varkarola, which incarnates the last stop of Odysseus before returning to Ithaca. A big fire takes place, and the whole place is filled with dancers, musicians, fishermen and locals who create an unforgettable festival, that you have never seen before.

Corfu Island

Corfu is located on the Ionian Sea, and as being the third biggest island of the Ionian, it carries a long history that dates back to the mythical times, almost at the beginning of Greek mythology. Its beauty lies in every step you take, either we are talking about the picturesque narrow streets of the town, or about the majestic beaches and landscapes that will stay forever in your memory. It is a place that once you’ve visit it you will always want to come back. And each time something new will reveal to you. It is an island whose beauty never ends, and there is always more to see, more to hear, more to feel. It is an island that combines nature, beauty and history, but also a vivid night life for those who are looking for a bit more during their holidays.

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